Augustus 14, Sunday

Still waiting for my working papers

Rockhounding Devils head
Augustus 7, Sunday

Today to a new spot in Devils Head. Spend 7 hours digging for several small smocky crystal, so not very succesfull

Sister Graduated in the Netherlands
Augustus 5, Friday

My sister graduated today in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Unfortunately I couldn't be there but I send a post card (yesterday).

Rocky Mountains National Park
Augustus 2, Tuesday

Today to the mountains again. This time to Rocky Mountains National Park which is located just 1.5 hour north west of Golden. Paula joined me and together we hiked to a lake. The hiking trail dissapeard suddenly and we got lost. By following a small river we reached the parking lot again. Due to the weather we didn't went across the continental devide. Something for next time.


Grays's & Torreys Peak
July 30, Sunday

Both these mountain peaks are 14theeners and can be done in 1 day. The last part of the road was suicide for my car so I hitchhiked the last 3.5 miles of the road. Because it was sunday is was very crowed at the trail head. In 1 hour and 50 minuted I ascended more that 3000 feet to Grey's Peak. After having taken the neccisarily pictures I walked over to Torreys peak which had an even better view over this part of the Rockies. The decent was long and though on the knees so I was happy when I finnaly reached my car.