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Applied Earth Science, Technical University Delft

As geology has fascinated me all my life: I have been collecting minerals and visiting different sites of geological interest in Europe, the USA and South Africa since I was young. My studies at the Department of Applied Earth Sciences at Delft University of Technology offered me the possibility to explore my interests further and develop my skills into a future career. During my studies I specialized in Engineering Geology, giving me the opportunity to work internationally in a challenging and dynamic industry sector (more information)

Site investigation is one of the major tasks of an engineering geologist. A large number of techniques exist which enable the engineer to gain information of the subsurface such as mappin drilling, geophysical surveying or computer aided 3D geostatistics and many other. In addition to site investigation, an engineering geologist has many more skills: assessment of the stability of foundations, dams, slopes, or underground structures, the prediction of land subsidence due to mining or karst, the quantitative description of groundwater flow and contamination, and, last but certainly not least, the broad field of environmental geotechnics.

An engineering geologist posses a good understanding of geological processes, their implications for rock-, soil- and groundwater mechanics, and a vivid interest in and knowledge about civil-, environmental and mining engineering.

The strength op an engineering geologist is the combination of knowledge about geology with the ability to obtain geotechnical information relevant to engineering projects.
List of courses successfully completed

Engineering geology oriented courses

  • Applied geomorphology
  • Applied Rock mechanics (I,II)
  • Discontinuous rock mechanics
  • Engineering geology
  • Engineering geology design practice
  • Engineering geologic mapping (& practical)
  • Environmental geotechnics II
  • Flow and transport in fractured rock mass
  • Foundation techniques
  • Geohydrologie 1
  • Geologic construction material
  • Geologic constructions
  • Geology, (I,II)
  • Geology of the Netherlands
  • Hydrogeology
  • Numerical soil meachanics
  • Mariene Engineering geology
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Site investigation (I,II)
  • Soil mechanics (I,II)
  • Structural geology
  • Subsidence

Mining oriented courses

  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Geochemie
  • Grondstoffentechnologie (I,II) (& practical)
  • Mining thermodynamics
  • Mijnbouwchemie I (& practicum)
  • Minerals and rocks (I, II, III, IV)


General courses (I)

  • Decision making
  • Essay
  • Law for Applied Earth Science
  • Environment and technique
  • Mining industry and society
  • Presentation
  • Raport writing
  • Techique and responsibility
  • Verbal and written reporting

General courses (II)

  • Analyse B
  • Data analysis
  • Differential equations
  • Elektriciteit en magnetisme
  • Elementaire warmte- en stromingsleer
  • Fourier analyse
  • Fysische transportverschijnselen (I,II,III)
  • Functie theorie
  • Kansrekening en statistiek
  • Lineaire algebra (I,II,III)
  • Mechanica (I,II)
  • Numerieke analyse
  • Ontwerpen technische inrichtingen TA
  • Werktuigkunde 1

Perolium and geophicis oriented courses

  • Geostatistiek
  • Introduction seismology
  • Inl. petroleumwinning en technische geofysica
  • Petrofysica I
  • Sedimentologie (& practical)
  • Seismische interpretatie (& practicum)
  • Shallow depth geofysics

Computer oriented courses

  • Computer technology and software (& Practical)
  • Computersupported drawing and designing (& Practical)

Field works & excursions

  • Geologisch veldwerk Vesc
  • Veldwerk en rapportage ingenieursgeologie
  • Excursie Ingenieursgeologie
  • Geologisch werkbezoek

Extra courses

  • Underground mining



Turkey: Excursion to Turkey including visits to the capital, historic sites, mining construction and tunneling companies.
Graduation: Pictures during testing and during graduation

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Update: 30 December 2004