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Mountain biking

The well known "Amstal Gold Race" which takes place every year in the southern part of the Netherlands (and surrounding countries) can also be ridden by amateurs. During spring 2001 and 2003 me and a friend did the 150 km including more than 20 climbs.
Getting ready for the Amstel Golde Race
  Except for in Limburg and in the dunes along the coast line of the Netherlands, no real challanges can be found. In Colorado however it is another story. The off-road mountain bike trail going up to Buffelo's Grave or White Ranch Park were my favorites as it was located near the University, contained several nice "challenges" and was with a distance of approximately 6km possible to do after a long day at the University.
Road above Golden

The area near Moab, Utah, is perfect for offroad biking. I made a bike trips near canyon lands. The last bike trip was near Colorado national Monument next to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Links to pictures

Bike trip #1: Canyon Lands

Bike trip #2: Colorado National Monument

Fixing flat tire

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