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Sinds my come to The States in august 2004 I have been camping on many occasions. Most of the times, camping trips where combined with hiking, mountainbiking or rockhounding. Below are summeries of thoise trips

Camping/Rockhounding/Biking trip to Area of Grand Junction

Bob's Land
Near "MountainLion's rock" Perfect spot for camping and campfire against the rock Our view Me, Bob and Seth

Great view of Grand Junction in the must, but camping in the mud Car too full.    


Spruce Grove
Waking up in the Snow "No camping allowed at this time" Camping just over the river


Goblin Valley
Camping near the entrance of "Horse" Canyon's 9 mile hike. Springbreak

New Mexico
Basekamp near Rockhoundign state park Getting ready for the cold night Nice, but very cold

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