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Kite & Wave Surfing

In the summer of 2002 I started with Kite-surfing. I bought a second hand kite: Ar5 Naish, and a second hand board: directional which was a prototype previously used by Harry Vogelezang. During that summer, I surfed every free day when the wind was coming from the right direction and was not too strong. However due my busy study at the University those days were rare.

After the summer of 2002 I began my internship in Blue Horizon Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Little kite-surf action took place here. However this small town is located near the ocean and at night one is able to see the lights of Jefrey's Bay about 40 km to the west. Jefrey's Bay, or also called J-Bay, is one of the most famous surf locations in South Africa because of "the best right hander of the world" at Supertubes. Here I bought my first Surfboard: a Mini Malibu. After the internship, me and a friend drove south to Cape Town where we stayed there in Fishhoek located on the Cape with on one side the Indic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. A couple of times we drove to Blauwbergbeach. This place is located about 20 min. North of Cape Town and is also called Kite-beach. I bought some new surfing gear: Cabrina 12.8 meter with a spoiler 160 .

Five days after my graduation (28th of March, 2004), I went again to Cape Town: from the 4th till the 28th of March. However, this time for holiday. I stayed at the beach front in Blauwberg Beach with some friends of my, who were surfing there from January. Although there were not as many nice waves as we hoped, we (Armando, Jose and me) still had many nice days in the water during our holiday. With our old Beetle we drove to surfspots as "Kommike", "Muizenberg" and " Big Bay".


Packing the beetle to go surfing

X2 Naish 12.8 m Kite. Mini Malibu
1.7 Spoiler two-directional board Short board

Liks to pictures

Wave surfing South Afrika: Pictues taken in Port Elizabeth, Jay Bay and Capetown during and after my internship.

Wave surifng Callantsoog, The netherlands: Surfing at the Beach located 10 min. from where I grew up, and pictures from Kijkduin.

Kite surfing South Afrika: Pictues taken during the vaction in Cape Town rigth after my internship.

Kite surfing Callantsoog, The Netherlands:Kitesurfing during the last three summers.

Kite surfing Porto Punasco, Mexico: Pictures of one weekend late Fall 2005.



Surfspot: "'t Kommikie"


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Update: 30 May 2005